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General information

The "Medical Algorithms - Diagnosis and Treatment" is a project that proposes the development and maintenance of a web-based online database Med-Online for the use of practitioners, medical teachers, researchers, health-care managers, Health Insurance Companies, the College of Physicians and the general public.

The coordinator of the project is the "Iuliu Hatieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca, Romania, partners being ASTRAL TELECOM, the College of Physicians, the Health Insurance House, and the CFR Hospital, all from Cluj-Napoca.

The project is financed by the National Program VIASAN of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences.

The results will be disseminated also by publishing the algorithms both as print and CD versions.


Diagnosis and treatment algorithms represent an excellent method of solving concrete clinical problems, in line with the European and international standards and developed by multidisciplinary teams, being recommended by the experts in the various medical specialties of our university based on published literature, personal experience, professional practices of the medical school they represent, as well as the human, technical and financial resources available.

Diagnosis and treatment algorithms may become medical practice guidelines for:

  • The improvement and standardization of medical practice in order to attain a maximum of efficiency in health care as well as a cost effective services.
  • The provision of a reference system for the financing of health care by the Health Insurance House and the establishment of the professional responsibility and error by the Colleges of Physicians and Pharmacists.
  • The promotion of pragmatic medical teaching system, adapted to the specific needs of every student group.

The Med-Online database is structured by three levels of complexity: practitioner, specialist and expert, the first two levels including algorithms of diagnosis and treatment and the third significant clinical cases.

The database is developed as two mirror versions, Romanian and English.

The database, containing all the algorithms, is the intellectual property of the Cluj University of Medicine and Pharmacy, who coordinates its development.

Each author hold the intellectual property for the algorithms s/he develops. The authors and reviewers of each algorithm hold the whole responsibility for the information they provide.

The database will be:

  • Regularly updated.
  • Interactive, allowing the two-way flow of information, the users being able to contribute to the development and maintenance of the information in the database.
  • Open to the cooperation with all categories of physicians, researchers, academic staff and students who wish to publish well documented information.

All authors have a web-mail address for correspondence as well as a personal web page ( in which they may publish personal information they consider appropriate.

Target audience

The Med-Online database is primarily addressing the needs of young physicians, medical students, residents and practitioners, actively involved in the difficult process of medical education. The current generation of students and residents has grown together with the Internet, the worldwide encompassing and (largely) free resource. It is only natural that medical schools should develop into this direction and make use of the overflowing resources provided by the Internet and the electronic environment.

At the same time with the publication of the Med-Online database on the web, its contents will be also disseminated by print and CD-ROM formats. This way the information provided by the Cluj University of Medicine and Pharmacy will be made available also for those less familiar with the Internet, as a first step towards the Internet-based usage.

Financial support provided by the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences through VIASAN Program.
Web development and technical support - ASTRAL TELECOM.